Sorry!..(Pun Intended)

If you search on Google the meaning of 'Sorry', it will prompt you the simple definition which says - feeling regret or penitence. But don't look for this in the real world; you will be disappointed. Millennials use the armor of apology so conveniently that a 'Sorry' will soon lose its legacy. There will be a time where everyone will be just exceptional in this art of apologizing with a null regret. “An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.”– Lynn Johnston .  I comply with these words of Lynn, But nowadays, Sorry does not seem to be a regret or grief you hold deep down in your heart. It's now a casual trend that one follows to escape out from the frivolous or a grave situation. But there are times though where sorry is not enough and its all about satisfying your guilty conscience. We are humans, We all make mistakes; But wise is the one who realizes the mistake, apologizes and exhibits the same in his deeds. Your action

Rise Up..

Sometimes you are knocked down by a life in a way that makes you feel you are broken to eternity. The constant pang that you feel in your heart does not let you get up either. Your brain keeps on replaying what happened rather than focussing on what could be next. What bad had been done was a one-time thing but we unapologetically scourge ourselves by  rubbing salt on our own wounds while what should be taken care of is a healing.   It's completely fine if you feel all the pain but do not make it your favourite abode. Strengthen yourself and get up from all the odds; Try to survive, and in the process, you might start living again.   There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you have to just keep moving. Falling is bad but not getting up is worse.  Why be harsh on yourself? Why hurt yourself by rewinding the same episode ever and anon? Why chastise yourself for the fault of others? Stop now! Be kind to yourself, Be a warrior, lift your armour and battle out your o

A Poem - I see you..

Do you have something that has become part of your soul? Something for which your heart never ceases to beat? Something that dwells coercively in back of your mind? Wish - Untold or Unfulfilled; Dream or a Nightmare; Love - Conquered or Shunned; Undying Hope or  Secret Rendezvous; It can be anything and if you are affirmative to these question then this poem is for you. Stars woven through a clutch, I see you.. In the chamber of recurring dreams, I see you.. Thy the mirage in the oasis so lush I see you.. Farthest horizon; my eyes could reach, I see you.. Those secret ravines flowing through slopes, I see you.. Oh the beauty of moonlight so alluring, I see you.. There galaxies; far far away, I see you.. Through the dusk so nebulous, I see you.. Wake up to the misty dawn, I see you.. Thy the pearl of the deeps, I see you.. - Miss Sunshine

My Favorite Phrases from "The Alchemist", By Paulo Coelho

Recently, I had my hands on an internationally acclaimed book - The Alchemist, By Paulo Coelho. Its a fable about a shepherd called Santiago who had a recurring dream about the treasure hidden in pyramids. Believing in his dream, he embarked upon a journey to Pyramid in quest of the treasure. He encountered a variety of people on his pilgrimage who were actually a benefaction in disguise that precisely laid out a road to his dream. " When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it "; This has been rightly exhibited in the fable. Apart from being highly recommendable read, it has some incredible phrases and I can't contain my excitement sharing them with you all. So here you go : 1. It's the simple things in life that are most extraordinary Picture Courtesy -   JComp We often tend to seek happiness or peace in the larger things of life. But, actually simple things often brings extraordinary happiness which may not foun

The day I met "Mr. Rich & Powerful" - Finale

Friends, In my previous blog I have acquainted you with "Mr. Rich & Powerful" - MRP . For those who missed that blog, please read it now  - The day I met "Mr. Rich & Powerful" - Part 1 So the drama had already begun and MRP  was yelling at me, I resorted to some of his shit but kept mum to others as I was asked to do by my seniors. Now, Let's have a look at a crackling conversation between me and MRP : MRP :  "Tu janti nahi me kaun hu..". I :  "Listen to me, you have only heard one side of a story." In my head :  Daughter says "Tu janti nahi mera baap kaun hu". Father comes and says "Tu janti nahi me kaun hu". Do you know what is the population of India? Its more than 100 crores, Now, How would I know kiska baap kaun hai aur kya hai. Seriously I can't, Have some mercy on me  😦 MRP :  "Tere jese 1000 mere kursi ke niche bethte hai, kaam karte hai.". I :  "Jo bethte hai unko bithav, mu

The day I met "Mr. Rich & Powerful" - Part 1

Daughter : "Woh janti nahi mera baap kaun hai". Father : "Tu janti nahi me kaun hu? Blank cheque pe tere pure khandaan ko kharid sakta hu". You must be thinking, these are the dialogues of some typical Hindi film characters. But what if you meet such characters in real life? I did. I sometimes wish the filmy things happens in real life too but this was certainly not among them. The Scene : 29th September 2018 , It was a normal day at the office, meticulously performing my daily duties and one of them is to take interviews of aspiring IT professionals. But this day was not going to be as normal as I was assuming, a lot of spice was in store for me. A girl came in for an interview to join our firm as an intern and I was asked to take her interview. I went to our office's interview cabin and there I met the daughter of "Mr. Rich & Powerful" (or MRP , as I call him). The interview did not go well as I was feeling I am being interviewed and

"Happiness" - Quite Underrated

We as an Indian Society has underrated many important things of life which are part and parcel of being "Alive". One of them is "Happiness".  Blindly following the societal norms has ultimately lead us to compromise with our inner happiness. "Are you happy?" - Take a moment and answer the following questions. When did the last time you were asked this question  ? or Have you asked someone the same? How many times in your life span you were being asked about it ?    When was the last time you did something out for your own happiness ? Your answers would eventually make you realise how you too had been ignorant to the importance of happiness through the years. But no surprise here, as we have been brought up with preconceived notions like "Chalta hai", "Adjust Karo", "Aisa he hota hai", etc. According to World Happiness Report - 2017, India ranked 122nd out of 156 countries (ref. India ranks 122nd in World H